Nikola and Tamara traditionally trained as architects are a husband and wife photography duo based in Dubai, UAE. Through their lenses they capture the objects, architecture and people around them. It is evident in their work that they seek out interesting places and spaces, both in their travels and in their native city. Their photography is complimented by their understanding of architecture, design and culture. Photography started as a mutual hobby that has through the years grown into a professional collaboration.

When one gets to meet the couple behind the camera, they are pleasantly greeted by two hard working, good-natured, detail oriented individuals. They combine their good skill of photography with a willing to understand the products, people and spaces they are capturing to not only include their vision but the vision of their clients.

When not working you will find Nikola and Tamara enjoying cooking, sipping on coffee, good wine and whiskey or checking out a new café. Their cameras close by to document their experience and share it with the rest of us.

Friend, Mimi